Ongoing Works


Continuum is the story of Surei, an immortal being maintaining the space-time continuum of her universe. When a sudden, unexplained disturbance in the timeline forces her to leave a new-found friend in search of the source, her understanding of her priorities and the very meaning of her existence comes into question, and she is pulled into a fight that endangers not only her own universe but others as well. Updates Sundays.

Suspended Comics

Rescuing Dara

Rescuing Dara is a Pokemon fan fiction comic loosely based off the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The protagonist is Chivai the Snivy, who sets out to rescue her friend Dara, who had been just one victim of a child kidnapping epidemic. Soon she finds herself uniquely positioned, with the help of a new friend, to aid not just Dara, but all the kidnapped children.

This comic is, in its present form, 82 pages long, but the plot is still incomplete. It's doubtful that it will ever be finished, so it's labelled as "suspended" for now just in case inspiration strikes.

Finished Works

Controlled Schizophrenia

Controlled Schizophrenia is an 8-page historical fiction comic telling the story of WWII spy Klaus Fuchs, a German who infiltrated the American and British nuclear programs.

Where The **** Are My Cigarettes?

Where The **** Are My Cigarettes? is a point-and-click video game based off of the Sherlock BBC series (and by extension the Arthur Conan Doyle books), where you have to locate Sherlock's precious, precious cigarettes hidden somewhere in his flat.

About the Site

Espetrell Comics is a website housing my art projects. Once limited only to weekly webcomics, it has since expanded to short comics, video games, and who knows what else in the future.

(I also coded the site, which is a project in and of itself.)

About the Author

Doreen, aka Espetrell, is a webcomic artist who's been writing stories since kindergarten. Besides the obvious hobbies of writing and drawing, she also enjoys video games and reading, mostly fantasy novels and other webcomics.

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